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Russian Journal of Economic Theory



The Russian Journal of the Economic Theory is Russian peer-reviewed journal printing high-quality, original research. The purpose of the Russia Journal of the Economic Theory is promotingthe development of advancedtheoretical researchin economics in Russiaand abroad.The journal publishes research studies, review articles and special issue in areas of the modern economic theory including political economy, institutional economics, neoclassical theories and other theoretical perspectives.Sine qua non for scientific papers is the literature review that sufficient for determining main theoretical gap. In addition the RJET encouraged scientific display of using of economic-theoretical findings for assess and predict of socio-economic development. The RJET offers the section "Letters to the Editor” to junior researchers.

In 2014 the Russia Journal of the Economic Theory celebrated its tenth anniversary.  During this time the RJET has become one of the leading Russian periodicaledition devoting the problems of the Economic Theory. The positive dynamics of journal popularity is provided  byboth high authoritative of the Editorial Boardand the relevance of scientific content of the published papers.

The RJET publishedpapers of eminenteconomic theorists:

D. North- the nobelprizer in economics, USA;

J. Hodgson - Professor at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) andPresident of the InternationalAssociationof Evolutionary Economics;

H.Hanusch - Professor atthe Universityof Augsburg(Germany) andDirector General ofthe InternationalSchumpeteriansociety;

A.Dozy -Professor at the Schoolof St. AnneUniversityof Pisa(Italy);

H.Kurtz -Professor at the Universityof Graz(Austria);

P. Sattelite - Director of the Economic Institute of the Bank of Finland;

 V. Draskovic - Professor at the University of Montenegro;

V. Heyets - Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine;

A.Nekipelov – Academician of RAS, Vice-president of RAS;

A.Gritsenko - Corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine;

A. Auzan - Professor in Economics , Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University named after Lomonosov (MSU);

A. Buzgalin-  Professor in Economics of MSU;

V.Cherkovets-  Professor in Economics of MSU, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR

and many others.


The main sections of the  RJET:

Political economy



Institutional Economics

New Directions in Economic Theory

History of Economics and Economic Thought

Letters to the Editor

Scientific Life


The Russia Journal of the Economic Theory publishes 4 issues in year.

All submitted manuscripts  are peer-reviewed by Editorial board.



Editor in Chief

E.Popov  - Corresponding member of RAS, Head of the Center of the economic theory, Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg)


Deputy Editor in Chief

V.Bochco - Professor in Economics, Head of department of regional competitiveness, Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg)


Editorial Council:

H.Gizatullin - Corresponding member of RAS, Advisor of RAS, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ufa Scientific Center, RAS (Ufa, Russia)

V. Ivanitskii-  Professor in Economics, Director, Institute of Finance, Ural State Economic University (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

G. Kleiner - Corresponding member of RAS, Deputy Director, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of  RAS (Moscow, Russia )

V. Lazhentsev -  Corresponding member of RAS, Advisor of RAS, Head of Laboratory, Institute of Socio-Economic and Energy Problems of the North,  Komi Scientific Center, UB, RAS (Syktyvkar, Russia)

V.Majewski - Academician of RAS,Director of the Centerof Evolutionary Economics,Institute of Economics(Moscow, Russia)

V. Makarov - Academician of RAS, Director, Central Economicsand Mathematics Institute ofRAS(Moscow, Russia)

P. Minakir - Academician of RAS, Director, Institutefor Economic Research,Far Eastern Branch, RAS(Khabarovsk, Russia)

A.Nekipelov - Academician of RAS, Director,Moscow School of Economics, Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

R.NureyevProfessor in Economics, Head ofMarket AnalysisUniversity, Higher School of Economics(Moscow, Russia)

V.Okrepilov - Academician of RAS, Deputy Chairman, St. PetersburgScientific Center of theRAS(St. Petersburg, Russia)

V.Polterovich-  Academician of RAS, Head of the Laboratory, Central Economicsand Mathematics Institute ofRAS (Moscow, Russia)

D.Sorokin - Corresponding member of RAS, Research Vice Rector, Financial Universityunder the Government ofthe Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

P.Nikitenko- Academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Director Institute of Economics,NASof Belarus(Belarus)

A. Rasulev - Professor in Economics, Director of Institute of economics of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)

Alan Freeman, professor of Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Horst Hanusch, Vice-President of University of Augsburg (Germany)

Geoffrey M. Hodgson, professor of Business School of University of Hertfordshire (Great Britain)

Heinz D. Kurz, professor of Department of Economics of University of Gras (Austria)

Roger Myerson, Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago (USA)


Editorial Review Board:

V. Belkin - Professor in Economics, Director,  Chelyabinsk branch of the Institute of Economics of UB RAS (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

V. Bersenev --Professor of History, Leading researcher, Institute of Economics, UB RAS (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

O. Botkin- Professor in Economics, Director, Udmurt branch of the Institute of Economics, UB RAS (Izhevsk, Russia)

T. Volkova - Professor in Economics, Head of Institutional Economics Sector, Institute of Economics, UB RAS (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

A. Ilyukhin, Candidate in Economics, assistant manager department of political economy of the Ural state economic university (Yekaterinburg)

O. Kozlova, Professor in Economics, Head of the center of a research of social and economic dynamics, Institute of Economics, UB RAS (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

A. Kokovikhin - Candidate in Economics, Director of Institute of management and information technologies of the Ural state economic university (Yekaterinburg)

V. Semenenko - Professor in Economics, Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

A.Sergeev - Candidate in Economics, Head of the department of economic theories of the Ural state legal institute (Yekaterinburg)

V. Simonova (Executive Secretary) - Candidate in Economics, Seniorresearcher, Institute of Economics, UB RAS (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

O.Sukharev - Professor in Economics, Chief Researcher, Institute of Economics of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

A. Shelomentsev - Professor in Economics, Head of Department study of regional socio-economic systems of the Institute of Economics of UB RAS (Ekaterinburg, Russia)


Submitted papersshould correspond to research fields of the journal.

All manuscripts undergo peer-review process. Peer-Reviewers appreciate the manuscripts on the following criteria:

1)    The relevance of research

2)    Corresponding to the RJET

3)    Completeness of  literature review

4)    Scientific novelty of  research

5)     Theoretical and practical significance

6)    Reasoned conclusions

7)    Corresponding to the formatting requirements


Authors are responsible for the accuracy of information provided. Manuscripts are not returned.

According to The Civil Code of the Russian Federation the author and the journal should enter into a license agreement. Submitting a manuscript to the editor author accepts the terms of the license agreement.


There are no fees associated with publication of contributions.

In present time, the Institute of Economics of the Ural Branch of the Russia Academy of Science producesfour issues each year.


Issue number

Time of submitting manuscript for this number

Results of the review

(author should send the claim to the e-mail)

The printed version

№ 1

July, 21 – October, 20

AfterDecember, 25


№ 2

October, 21 – January, 20

AfterMarch, 25


№ 3

January, 21 – April, 20

After June, 30


№ 4

April, 21 - July, 20

After September, 30




The original paper must include:

1)    Index UDC

2)    Information about the authors: authors' names (first name, last name, middle name), affiliations and complete addresses, phone,e-mail address.

3)    Title (conciseandinformative)

4)    Keywords (5-10 keywordsorphrases.);

5)    Abstract (contain 100-250 words;  include objective, methods, results, and conclusion)

6)    Information about the authors and paper (title, keywords, abstract)  in English

7)    Reference list.


Submitting papers the RJET authors should perform the formatting requirements presented below. Otherwise the paper will not be considered.

-          Textrequirements

The preferred format is MS Word (.rtf). The font style should be Times New Roman 13 pt, with 1 line spacing.

The first line of a paragraph should be made indention (not blanks or tabs).

Manuscript submission implies papers not exceeding the recommended extent of 22 pages (32,000 – 40,000 characters) and  5 pages for section ”Letters to the Editor”.

-          Tables and figures

Ensure that each Tables and figures were embedded in the text and have captions.

Captions should be below the graphic for  figures and above for tables. If the paper includes some tables and figuresthey should be numbered.  If you use graphicsin the paper, please, make referencesto the source.

The graphic should be saved in format that allow to correct it without the author.

The author may not use the scanned or Internet graphics as they are not allowed to be edited.

All figures should be prepared in black and white.

All objects in figures preparedin MS Word should be grouped. If you used MS Excel, please duplicate figure in the original file format * xls in black and white format.

-          Formulas

Please, use MS Equation or MathType for formulas.

-          Reference list

References are listed after the conclusionand  contain at least 10 sources.  Preference should be given to scientific papers. the share of self-citation is lower than 20 per cent. All references should be mentioned in the text. A reference list should be presented in alphabetical order (first Russian and  then foreign sources).

Please, use references in the text like [15]; [15, p. 103–122]; [1, 15, 34]; [1, p. 235; 32, p. 18; 315, p. 8–22] for communications of content and reference lists.

Examples of reference list formatting:

Books (Editions with two authors)

Kovshikov V.A., Gluhov V.P. Psycholinguistics: the Theory of Speech Activity: the manual for students in pedagogical institutes. - M.: Product; Tver: AST, 2006. - 319 p.

Books (Editions with three and more authors

Socio-Economic Assessment of Structural Reforms in the Areas of Mining / E.M Kozakov, V.M. Popov, A.A. Rozhkov et al. - Ekaterinburg: Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2000. - 315 p.

Concise Dictionary of Economics / A.N. Azriliyan et al., the 2nd ed. - Moscow: Institute of New Economy, 2002 - 1087 p.

Paper in the collection

Danilina G.A. Characteristicof the immune status of children residing in the zone of influence of the nuclear industry // Proceedings of the VII Congress of the All-Russia. Islands of epidemiologists, microbiologists and Parasitology (2-8 July 2002). - M.: Ekos, 2002. - 435 p. - P. 5-15.

Paper in the journals

Adorno T. To logic of social sciences // Problems of Philosophy. - 1992. - №10. - P. 15-25.

Electronic sources (Web publications):

 Dirin A.I. The right of servicemen of the Russian Federation to freedom of association // Martial law: online journal. 2007. URL: http: //www/voennoepravo.ru/node/2149 (date accessed: 19.09.2007)

About  Housing Rights of Scientists [electronic resource]: the Decision of the All-People's Commissars of the RSFSR of 20 August, 1933 (rev. and ext., as amended by the provisions of the Central Executive Committee of the CPC of the RSFSR 1 Nov. 1934, dated June 24, 1938). Access from legal reference system «Consultant Plus».

Animal Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius.M .: Cyril and Methodius: New Media Generation, 2006.(DVD-ROM).

Latchford E. With the White Army in Siberia // Eastern Army Front of Admiral A. Kolchak: [site]. URL: http // east-front / narod.ru / memo / latchford / htm (date accessed: 23.08.2007).

The  RJET's  Review  Process

The main propose of the RJET’s review process is to ensure publication of high-quality research papers.

1.            Initially all submittedpapers are moderated by the editor for suitability for formal demandsand the subject areas  of the journal

2.            In case of non-compliance with the rules of registration, formal demands and journal’s subject areas, the paperwill not be considered and registered. The Secretary of the Editorial Board informs the author about this decision.

3.            All submitted and registered papers are refereed by one or two acknowledged experts in the subject.

4.            A Chief Editor, АDeputy Chief Editor and Secretary of the Editorial Board appoint reviewers for each paper.  The list of reviewers is approved. If it is necessary Editorial Office involves for reviewing other highly qualified specialists corresponding to the profile of the paper.

5.            PhD review papers of PhD and person doing PhD study; PhD or candidates of sciences of the corresponding profile review papers of candidates of science or graduated students.

6.            In order to avoid conflicts of interest the reviewer and the author must work in different scientific organizations. The reviewer is unable be the author or co-author of the reviewing paper.

7.            Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the paper for their needs and are prohibited to give part of the paper for review to another person without permission of the Editorial Office. Reviewers and editorial staff are not allowed to use the information about the contents of the work in its own interests before it is published. Papers are the intellectual property of the authors and are not the subjected to disclosure.

8.            Expertise is confidential.  In the case of an official request, the author is allowedto get the review without a signature, name, position, place of work of the reviewer.

9.            The review is prepared in the form of expert questionnaire approved by the Editorial Board.

10.           Approved form of expert questionnaire includes the list of criterion for the assessment, reviewer’s assessment, its argumentation and conclusions about the possibility of the publication in the Russian Journal of Economic Theory. The approved form of expert questionnaire allows comparing the paper’s quality for selection articles to the next issue of the journal.

11.          The reviewer asses the paper using the next criteria

-          compliance to the profile of the journal;

-          relevance of the paper’s themes;

-          the  depth of literature reviewof the characterized theoretical problem;

-          the assessment of the scientific and research  level of the new knowledge;

-          the argumentation’s degree of main text and conclusions, in particular, the compliance with modern science and practice of the used methods, recommendations and findings.

-          the compliance the paper’s title with its content;

-          style of the article.  

12.          Based on the made assessmentreviewermakes the conclusion if the paperis recommended to publication or not. In addition, reviewer can make recommendation to the article including more accurate presentation of research findings, necessary additions of material for publication, etc.

13.          The Editorial Board makes the final decision on publication the article in the current issue.

14.          In case of a positive decision, the Editorial Office informs the author about the time of publication.

15.          A Technical Editor tests the approved articles. If corrections are minor, stylistic or formal and not effect on the content, then Technical Editor makes correction without the consent of the author. If it is necessary or desired by the author the update version of the paper is returned to the author for approval.

16.          In case of a negative decision, the Editorial Office informs the author within the timespecifiedon the site (http://www.uiec.ru/preview/trebovaniya). In this case, the editorial board sends to the author a copy of the reviews or motivated refusal.

17. If reviewer recommends making correction in the article, the secretary of the Editorial Board sends the review to the author with request to take into account comments during the preparation of an updated version of the article. The updated article reviewed again.

18. If the author disagrees with the reviewer’s opinion he is entitled to give an argumentative response to the journal.  In this case, the paperis considered at a meeting of the Editorial board. The Editorial Board is allowed to send the paper for additional or new review to another expert. The Editorial Board has the right to reject in publication if author doesn’t take into account the reviewers' comments.

19. Paper’s reviews are stored in the Editorial Office for five years and are to be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in case of an official request made.

20. Originals of the published articles are not returned. The Editorial Office does not store materials that are notaccepted for publication and returns them to their authors.


The editorial office of the magazine is guided by the international standards offered by Committee on editorial ethics (Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE). Uploading articles and materials to the site, the author accepts the following conditions:
1. The author transfers copyright of article stated above to the Journal of Economic Theory. Transfer of copyright means transfer of the exclusive right to reproduction, publication, distribution and archiving of article and materials for it in any form, including a reprint, transfer, photocopying, an electronic form (online and offline) or any other form and comes into force in case of adoption of article to the publication. The author reserves the right to use article in the scientific activity, having included article published in the magazine in scientific works with reference to the version which is originally published in the journal. The editorial office of the journal acquires the right to make changes to the text and materials of article according to requirements to the publication in the journal.
2. The article and materials are original, earlier not published. If article has been already published earlier, the author is obliged to notify on it the editorial office and to provide the written consent of the holder of copyright of the repeated publication.
3. The article isn't presented for the publication in other edition and won't be published in the future.
4. The author has the right to transfer articles and materials on behalf of the other coauthors.
In case of adoption of article authors are offered to sign the author's contract with publishing house. To the responsible author in electronic form the notice of obtaining the manuscript and the text of the Author's contract or the online reference to him is sent.
All articles extend on the terms of the license CreativeCommonsAttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 InternationalLicense (CC BY-NC 4.0).


Please send your papers to Secretaryof the Editorial Board Victoria Simonova(at: jet-russia@yandex.ru).

620014, Ekaterinburg, ul.Moscowskaya, 29, Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,

Editor in Chief- Evgeny Popov (tel.: 7(343) 371-45-36; e-mail: jet-russia@yandex.ru)

Executive secretary of the Editorial board - Victoria Simonova (tel.: 7(343) 371-47-23; e-mail: jet-russia@yandex.ru).

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